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AIRMEXT® / Mazda / Air Suspension


These kits are specific to each make and model. These kits are for the bags and struts only with minor accessories. This kit will include all four corners of suspension for your car. Please select from the drop down menu to see the appropriate kit for your car. If you have any questions, please get in touch. 



32-level Adjustable Damping

Allows you the ability to dial in your air suspension even further. Set damping softer or stiffer by simply inserting the included damping knob and turning it either way.

Threaded & Adjustable Shock Mounts

Adding further tuning of your ride height at any PSI setting you chose.

125mm Drop (Front & Rear)

Engineering and designed to match your vehicle. The slim double bellow type bags are available depending on what type of OEM suspension your vehicle had. Air pressure directly corresponds with how hard or soft your car rides. Each car is different and it will take time to perfect your preferred settings and fitment.

12 Month Limited Warranty

Our warrantee is 12 months from the original date of purchase and covers manufacturing defects. 

The photos below are not accurate for every make and model of car and are for exemplary purposes only