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Design Your Own Wheels


Many clients have chosen to create something crazy from scratch with us and allow us to build their ultimate deep-dish set of wheels for them. Can't find a design you like? Let us make something for you!!

This is the perfect option for you if:

1. You wish to convert a wheel from 1PC to 3PC 

2. You wish to replicate a wheel in non-factory specification

3. You want to make something crazy


The prices below are the average pricing examples for such custom wheels and we're more than happy to provide you a custom quote for your dream wheels. 


1PC Forged - Starting from £1450.00 (Set x 4 Wheels)

2PC Forged - Starting from £2590.00 (Set x 4 Wheels)

3PC Forged - Starting from £3290.00 (Set x 4 Wheels)


To confirm what you may be thinking right now, yes, you will receive FOUR wheels for the prices above in any finish and spec and all of our wheels are structurally tested and approved before manufacturing. Each wheel is stamped with it's specs and load ratings upon completion. Current turnaround time is 10-12 weeks, but this is an estimate and depends on work load at the time of order. Delays in materials are expected, however the current turnaround time of wheels is 10-12 weeks on average. 


Priority service available:

In a rush? Skip the queue for an additional fee.
6-8 weeks turnaround - from £600

Manufacturing Process:

1 - Payment received
2 - Confirm specifications
3 - Render creation
4 - Render created
5 - Render approved
6 - Manufacturing in progress
7 - Manufacturing completed
8 - Quality check
9 - Shipped

Please contact us if you have any questions