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Franks Racing T-777


Our Frank Racing T-777's were specifically designing for Nightride's V8 Miata, so they're meant to have aggressive specs. They're based on the famous Advan SA3R, however feature a full 3PC 'hidden bolt' construction, so much easier to look after and maintain as well as modify in the future to different specs. 

The feature a centre lock style lug nut cover and a fully threaded billet locking nut to secure the cover in place. This is also supplied with a 3D printed spanner to ensure you can tighten the locking nut sufficiently. 

Finish is supplied with Polished lips always, however you can choose your centre finish. This can be supplied from Polished, Brushed or Powder Coated. 

Specs are available in 15" & 16" only and in select PCD's.

Please enquire if you have any questions as we can build you the ultimate set up.