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1pc to 3pc Conversions


If you are looking for the ultimate 1-pc to 3-pc conversions, then look no further. You don't even need to provide us a set of wheels to convert for you. We simply need an image of the wheels and your required specification. 

The issue with converting a standard set of single piece wheels, is that they're usually old and warn out and were never actually designed to be chopped up. We've seen many conversion which have been performed well, yet the centres are cracking in odd places due to the structural integrity being compromised in the conversion process. 

We completely avoid these issues to taking your desired wheel, re-designing it full and engineering it to todays standards whilst implementing and changes you would like, be it a non factory PCD or Centre bore, and so on. 

We can also provide an finish option and hardware. 

Long story short, we can build you the ultimate set of wheels that were originally 1pc and set them up or convert them fully to 2pc/3pc. 

Prices for 1pc forged conversions // £1560+

Prices for 2pc forged conversions // £2600+

Prices for 3pc forged conversions // £3360+

- Drop us an email if you have any questions regarding your wheel build and lets create something incredible together -