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3D Render - Wheel Concept Creation


Think you have a good idea for a wheel design that we haven't already created in our OEM+ Series? Pay our designer to create you a 3D model of your idea.

What you get

By purchasing this, our designer will create your idea using CAD, and produce a 3D model that we are able to digitally stress/load-test, and finish in any colour-way of your choice. You will receive 4 images of this model (at different angles) for you to be able to visualise your idea. You are not purchasing the rights to the 3D model itself. 

With no strings attached, you are not obligated to follow the design through to manufacturing if you do not want to at this stage (Stage 1). However, if you do want to proceed to the manufacturing of your wheels, then this initial design fee will be deducted from the final cost.


Please give us as much information as possible when filling out the application form, and be as specific as you like/can be. After the initial design has been created, you will have 2 opportunities to make any adjustments or small tweaks. After this, there will be a fee of £10 per adjustment.

The Process

Stage 1 
  • Idea submitted for OEM+ Series wheel - design fee paid
  • Concept generation
  • Design digitally stress-tested to meet VIA / JWL certification
Stage 2 (see here)
  • Manufacturing fee paid
  • Colour/finish confirmation (previewed in 3D)
  • Order processed for manufacturing
Stage 3
  • Manufacturing completed
  • Quality check 
  • Dispatched to delivery address
Manufacturing costs


(chart to follow)



Diameters: 16-24"
Offsets: CUSTOM


Diameters: 18-24" (23" not available)
Widths: 11"
Offsets:  CUSTOM


Diameters: 13-30" (23" not available)
Widths: 16" (maximum 8" lip & 8" barrel)
Offsets:  CUSTOM


Please note: This listing buys you 4 images taken from a digital 3D render of your desired design - this is not a physical product. We own the rights to any design created through this process.