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Design Your Own


This is the perfect opportunity if you want to stand out from the crowd and blow peoples minds with your wheels. 

The process begins with choosing 1PC/2PC/3PC. Our most popular choice is 2PC as it allows the user to have a multi-piece split rim, without the expense of a 3PC. Our 2PC wheels allows the centres to be removed with the tyres still mounted. 

From this point, we can now begin the design process. We would ask for specific ideas of other wheels of interest that we can take inspiration from and bounce back and forth ideas. 

Once the design is approved by the client, we then begin the manufacturing process. This usually takes a number of weeks however should there be a potential deadline that the client is needing to reach, there are a number of ways we can meet this. 

Upon completion, we will provide an necessary information to the new owner of the wheels to ensure maximum maintainability is achieved. 

Price for this can vary, but the following prices give an accurate ball-park of what you should expect. 

1PC Forged - £1640.00

2PC Forged - £2650.00

3PC Forged - £3450.00