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Split Roast // Wheel Roller for Wheel Building and Detailing

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In short, this is the Ultimate tool for those of you who LOVE to Build and Detail their Wheels at home whilst also allowing you to fit up to a 15" Wide Wheel.

The Ease and Joy of Building your Wheels is Accelerated and the SPLIT ROAST creates a considerably more Efficient way of Building your Split Rims. The PVC rollers with Precision Sealed Bearings allow you to have Freshly Polished Lips without scratching them unlike the more common skinny metal rollers available in the US. The base is made from 2mm laser cut Stainless Steel for Raw Aesthetics, Strength and Durability. These are Designed and Built in the UK. If you are looking to have the Ultimate Tool for his years Show Season and Ensure you can Detail your Wheels to Perfection, get on board with the all new SPLIT ROAST by Rimscarnated.